What we do

Channels / Networks distribution:The distribution of different channels/networks in LATAM is a comprehensive service that covers all areas necessary for successful management: Sales Management, Marketing, Administrative & Financial assistance,Technical support.

 Content Distribution: Content is king! Television viewers demand the best, most relevant content no matter the language. Accion Group brings only the best Spanish-language TV from Latin America and Europe. We have a wide and varied range of catalogs and successful programming formats for Latin America, US and Europe with a actively portfolio of over 400 clients.

Consulting & Business Development:

The experience and capacity of the members of our company in television enables us to comprehensively develop the ideas of the most varied projects. We offer business advice, Business Intelligence & Consulting focused on the Pay TV industry.

Thanks to the wealth of information that consolidated through the years, we have set up a special division of strategic and tactical advice. We offer work packages ranging from 10 to 100 hours maximum of consulting, applicable to developments in Latin America and emerging markets in other continents. Thus, the client receives advice on the design and implementation of new platforms, changing business models, acquisition and management of rights, the fight against piracy, management control, lower costs and improved efficiency.